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See Yourself E(x)ist, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, curator Madeline Schwartzman

December 7th-February 17th (opening night December 7th 6-8PM)        

     See Yourself E(x)ist  looks at how artists envision our human future in nature—our poetic attempts at agency, our technological advances, and our futile role in the intricate and complex web of all living things. We are, after all, always plummeting toward our own end. Control is just a filter. Nature does not speak human. Turbulence, decay, entropy and gravity do not recognize human attempts at adaptation, or human existence at all. See Yourself E(x)ist focuses on human ingenuity in the midst of such disturbing awareness. The art acknowledges the elegance of futility, the strangeness of attempts at permanence, and the absurdity of technological advances.   

     The exhibition includes robotics, prosthetics, electronics, installation, video, sculpture and painting, and features the work of: Nobumichi Asai, Alan Berliner, Michael Candy, Fantich & Young, Kathryn Fleming, Gijs Gieskes, Lee Griggs, Ann Hamilton, Dorry Hsu, John Jerard, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Lorenzo Oggiano, Jaime Pitarch, Andrew Quitmeyer, Madeline Schwartzman, and Allan Wexler. Madeline Schwartzman's new book titled See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded, is available at the exhibition.

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